Animation Industry Podcast May 2019

Episode 13: Emmy Winning Stop Motion Animator Sarah de Gaudemar on How to Make a Career out of Stop Motion

“This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Emmy winning Stop Motion Animator Sarah de Gaudemar on how to make a career out of stop motion animation.”

Wired Magazine 10/25/2007


“Sarah Meyer, a slight, soft-spoken animator who won the show's Emmy last year (for outstanding individual achievement), stands in a brightly lit booth about the size of a walk-in closet. She's trying to figure out how to make superhero Green Arrow dangle a fictional foe named Target Face off a 4-foot-high tower. This scene will last maybe two seconds, but at 15 shots per second of finished film, that's some 30 separate setups.” (read more here)

Kansas City Star 02/09/2009

The Stop-Action Sisters

“Long-separated siblings from Prairie Village reunite over animated films. The latest: “Coraline,” which opens Friday.

Prairie Village siblings Margaret Meyer and Sarah de Gaudemar weren’t close as kids. The four-year age difference kept them in different worlds. Then, as adults, they discovered movie animation. For the last few years the sisters have found themselves working on many of the same TV shows and films, though in different disciplines.” (read more here)

Wired Magazine 02/19/2009

The Handmade Tale: Coraline‘s Inventive DIY Effects

Animation Magazine 09/16/2008

On the Set with 'Coraline': Where the Motion Doesn't Stop

‘Completed sets are turned over to lighting before the animators begin their work. On one set, the film's lead cat animator, Sarah de Gaudemar, is animating a scene in which Coraline and The Cat walk through the Orchard to the edges of the Other World. She has a guide as to which position the characters' mouths need to be in to match the dialog in each frame, as well as a guide to key poses.” (read more here)

Gumby Imagined: The Story of Art Clokey and his Creations (book, Dynamite Entertainment, Nov 15, 2017)

Read it online here.

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